Good luck, Deven!

After a year at Wilde Architects in Stockport, Deven recently returned to The University of Manchester:

“This last year, working for Wilde Architects has been brilliant. Having left uni as a Part 1, I had the dream of working in a large practice. But working at Wilde Architects has given me more experience in architecture than I could have ever thought. I have actively engaged in every aspect of the RIBA Work stages, gaining valuable experience along the way. My ultimate aim is to set up my own practice and the constant guidance and advice from Andy has made sure that I am walking along the right path, further along than I was a year ago. There is no end to the experience that I have earned over this last year and am confident that it has given me a head start going into my Masters in Architecture degree. And so, a big Thank You to Andy and the others in the office for making this year as enjoyable as it has been and I wish you the best of luck in any future endeavours.” Thanks Deven and good luck!