From small house developments to large areas of urban design, Wilde Architects can provide the core design services required to achieve outline or full planning permission.

In coordination with Wilde Consulting Engineers we can incorporate transport assessments, land drainage analysis and civil engineering.


Mersey Barrage – Infrastructure Design

Completed as part of a research project, this infrastructure design explores the opportunities and technical implications of a new Tidal Barrage across the River Mersey; designed to provide predictable, renewable electricity to the national grid. The design proposes that the public transport infrastructure is extended over the barrage, linking Liverpool, Birkenhead, New Brighton and Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Located in the centre of the barrage, along the new transport link, is…

R_Ignite Birkenhead

In an attempt to re_vitalise post-industrial landscapes, such as Birkenhead, this winning competition entry proposes to re_commission the docklands by safely and economically re_cycling redundant oil rigs and ships into attractions and events spaces.    

New Brunswick, Manchester

This masterplanning proposal seeks to re-develop the city centre suburb of Brunswick into a lifetime neighbourhood for Manchester. With a focus on lifetime design, this project re-plans the sheltered site with new lifetime homes, a new centre and a hybrid extra-case facility.    

Pioneer Quay, Manchester.

Initially across two sites in Manchester City Centre, this hybrid building concept provides a fixed point for networking and a base for the mobile workforce for our increasingly virtual world. Contained within the programme are rentable office/ studio/ conference and presentation facilities.