Autism-Friendly Prefab Housing

At Wilde Architects, we have a vast understanding of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) within the care and education sector. We’re looking to bring this expertise into the prefab housing market with multiple masterplans of schemes which will greatly benefit people affected by ASD.


To encourage councils and housing associations alike to invest in ASD friendly homes would be a huge advantage and could save the councils millions in the coming years.


For every child which has ASD, the council gives out a maximum of £30,000 to support that family in changing their home to make sure it is livable for someone with ASD. If every family with an autistic child or family member were to claim this level of funding, the local councils will soon find themselves on their knees, not being able to fully cater for the uncomfortable living conditions in which these families must live.


If we are able to go in at the route of the cause, at the design stage and enable these new homes to ensure they are ASD friendly, it will save the council’s a huge amount of money in the long term. It’s about making the investment sooner rather than later.


We hope to be discussing our first projects with the council and developers later this year.

Autism friendly prefab housing