Architect Anglesey | Housing & Education

Wilde Architects are committed to the sustainable development of Anglesey. We have several completed and ongoing projects across the island and are continually looking for new opportunities and challenges.

Recently we have been engaging with the Isle of Anglesey County Council Plan, with the objective to help the people of Anglesey be self-supporting and live in strong and healthy communities.

Architectural innovation | Adding value through design

Wilde Architects are currently exploring innovative housing typologies and modern methods of construction to help achieve some of the Council’s objectives related to the built environment. Our concepts include:

  • Integrating business incubators into communities (shared office space) to create opportunities for small business to grow.
  • Integrating social and community-led masterplanning and housing design to increase active lifestyles. Supported by active infrastructure (running paths/ outdoor table tennis/ communal gardens/ parks etc.)
  • Designing affordable homes which are well connected; higher-density, single level living and built off-site. Creating a density required to build community, reducing costs of construction and integrating apprenticeships in the delivery and construction.

Wilde Architects are focused on building better communities and advancing architectural design to improve the way we live. Our expertise in housing and education; designing for older people, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Co-living/ and building off-site are all areas of research and development for the business which we can offer to developments.

Architect Anglesey | Designing for an aging population

There are 70,000 people in Anglesey and the number of people over the age of 65 has grown to around 6,000.
A lot of the problems associated with an aging population can be solved by good design:

  • Help prevent illness | encourage active and community lifestyles through mass planning/ infrastructure design, community hubs and support.
  • Keeping people independent | well-designed single level living. Independent living together, living healthier in communities
  • Support people who have disabilities | physical design features (single level living) and aesthetic (colours/ signage/ lighting) applies to dementia and ASD (Autism spectrum disorder).
  • Getting people online | smart-home integration

Wilde Architects designs new communities and housing typologies. We address objectives and outcomes through good design and community engagement, whilst taking on work-experience candidates and employing local staff.