2 more Lidl jobs confirmed!

Retail Architecture and Design

Wilde Architects have been given the go-ahead for 2 more Lidl projects with Design and Build firm, Excell Construction.

This will mark the 7th collaboration in the past three years, with more on the horizon.

So why does Wilde Architect keep winning commercial work? Simple – because Wilde Architects saves contractors time, money and complication.

“The quality of their work helps us deliver projects,” explains John, the Managing Director of Excel Construction. “The drawings are understandable for the teams on site – clear, good clear dimensions, good setting out, everything’s bang on.”


We ensure that all our work is:

– High-quality (drawings that are easy to understand)

– Fast and efficient

– Competitively costed

John continues, “They will always get back to you. They have a personal touch, they turn work around quickly and it’s always very good quality. Even Lidl construction have commented on the quality of their work. They always go that little bit extra and you can pick the phone up for advice.”

With a 10-year framework agreement with Lidl, it looks like Excel and Wilde Architects will have plenty of opportunities to keep a good thing going.For any commercial opportunities, please get in touch!

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